The early days of our engagement (Summer 2002)

The early days of our engagement (Summer 2002)

In 2011, my husband, Mike, and I talked seriously about finding five acres of land and homesteading. In August of 2012 we purchased about 37 acres of land near Warrensburg, MO, to build a cob home and work toward building a self-sustaining homestead.

After a grueling two years of building while working full-time, we finally moved into our home at the end of October 2014! We still have plenty to finish, but we are celebrating the major victory of finally being in our place.


Mike and I have been married for more than twelve years, and I am thankful to have a husband whom I admire and from whom I’ve learned so much. Mike is also in the process of opening Wilderness Brewing Co. in the Kansas City Metro area with a good friend, Nate Watson.

Previously, Mike and I both did Master’s degrees in biblical studies, a period of life we treasured and which has shaped so much since. I was working on a PhD in Theology (Old Testament) when we decided to move towards homesteading.

Some of my favorite things include being with people, traveling, reading (or at least collecting books!), learning, writing, beer, coffee, art and artisanship, the outdoors, and music.

Growing up in a military family and then spending my twenties in continuous student-mode, I’ve lived all over: New Mexico; Sembach, Germany; Rapid City, South Dakota; Spangdahlem, Germany; Greenfield, New Hampshire; Mountain Home, Idaho; Springfield, Missouri; Wilmore, Kentucky; Plainfield, Indiana; Pasadena, California; Lee’s Summit, Missouri; and now Johnson County, Missouri. I credit my parents with instilling in me an appreciation for the richness of people who are different than me, both through my dad’s constant posture to understand other perspectives and my mom’s experience as a first generation U.S. immigrant from South Korea.


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