Getting Into Rhythm

Inside of our completed cob house

Now that we are in the house (and not consumed with the process of building) and now that it’s winter (my favorite time to write), I want to put some more time into updating this blog. Since we don’t have internet access at home, it’s a little challenging to stay on top of it (particularly uploading pictures), but I realize that facing challenges is often about priorities, so we’ll see if I can make the photos happen this winter.

The move into our house was such a flurry of activity and stress to get things ready for the film crew that I—despite my horribly obsessive, introspective, INFP habits—didn’t have much time to reflect during our official move into the house. Thankfully, I have a husband who has the sense to keep things in perspective, who insisted that we take a few minutes to enjoy and celebrate the first night in our home. So we sat on the hood of the truck, huddled together under a clear, crisp autumn evening, sharing beers under the stars and savoring.

Our cob home on a fall night

A fall night in our cob home

After a few days, with things in place and the stress finally subsided, someone asked how it felt to have things “done,” and it hit me: I feel like I won a gold medal. I feel like an athlete who has been training and training (and for much longer and more intensely than I would ever have guessed), and I went out and won.

Now that we’ve been in the house for a couple of months, life has settled into more of a rhythm. We are enjoying the simple pleasures of what is growing to be “home”: a warm fire, a steaming bath, clean sheets, a nap on the cob bench in the warm winter sun, a venison stew from a deer I got the day before with sweet potatoes a neighbor dropped off from the Amish market.

Cutting and packaging the meat from a deer hunted on our land

Working up the meat from my first deer, hunted on our own land!

With so many things left to do, it is a process for the feeling of transition and unsettled-ness to give way to the feeling of home, but we are certainly at home with each other. We anticipate that growing in this space as we continue to build life here together.


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